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The system requires a password that contains a capital letter and any keyboard characters (eg. keyboard characters like #, %,*,*@ etc ) .The password should have at least six characters.
The system is set to clear all data and default to a fresh registration form so you can re-enter your details.
Click the negative(–) and positive(+) signs indicated on the shopping cart form to add and subtract.
Yes it is. You just click the positive (+)sign to indicate number of weeks you wish to subscribe for. You will note that the total will be simultaneously adjusted as the length of your subscription increases.
Immediately after you finish registering, you should be able to view your preferred publication.
The PayNow system could be down. Please try again after a few minutes. If the problem persists, try to use mobile money options if you are within Zimbabwe.
Instantly after paying ,you will receive a confirmation via your mobile phone or email or both.
No you can't. Once you pay for a specific title you cannot swap to another. Your access will be limited only to those publications you have paid for.
Yes you can, by clicking on the VIEW button of the title you have subscribed for you can view past copies.
Yes there are three (3) free publications that are accessible to any subscriber. One is a daily business freesheet called BH24, and the other two are weekly papers which are Suburban Avondale and Suburban Borrowdale.